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How to Create a Wood Engraved Logo Mockup in Adobe Photoshop


Learn how to take advantage of Photoshop's Smart Objects to mock up your logo with photorealistic results. Thanks to the use of multiple layer styles, we'll carve your logo into wood!



1. How to Create a Smart Object With the Right Perspective

Step 1

Download the Wood Texture and open it with Photoshop.


Step 2

Download the Perspective Image and open it with Photoshop。


Step 3

In the top menu, choose Select > All and then Edit > Copy to copy the selection to the clipboard.

Go back to the background document and choose, in the top menu, Edit > Paste to paste the perspective image over the background.

Rename the layer by double-clicking directly on the layer's name in the Layers panel and changing it to "Perspective".


Step 4

Set the foreground color to yellow (any color different from black is good)。

Then choose the Rectangle Tool, move the cursor over the canvas, and click。 You’ll open a small dialog box that allows you to enter precise dimensions for your new shape。 Type 1267 x 814 px and then click the OK button。

Rename the layer by double-clicking directly on the layer's name in the Layers panel and changing it to "Smart Object".

With the "Smart Object" layer selected, choose, in the top menu, Layer > Smart Object > Convert to Smart Object。


Step 5

Choose Edit > Transform > Distort and move the top right corner point to align it with the top right corner of the black rectangle


Step 6

Keep dragging the corner points until you align all the corners of the yellow rectangle with the black perspective image and cover the whole area: